The story began in 1949 when Edmond Brisson, a general contractor from Sudbury, Ontario, decided to hire his son, Laurent Brisson, as the company painter. At the age of 17, Laurent was given the task of painting churches, schools and hou-ses. He mastered his trade on the construction site. Having inherited the family budiness, Laurent set up his own business in 1956 and won contracts to paint hotels and office buildings. Because of his reputation as a qualified professional, he was elected

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President of the Painters’ Union of Sudbury in 1963, and obtained the contract to paint the Sudbury INCO Metal Mill.

One year later, the family moved to Ottawa and Mr. Brisson continued his work in the painting business. He accepted the challenge to be superintendent of mega-projects. He and his men painted the Parliament of Canada, the Victoria Museum, the Tunney’s Pasture buildings, Place du Centre, Internal Affairs Canada and OC Transpo buildings.

Mr. Brisson passed on the knowledge he possesses to his son who worked with him for more than six years. Pierre worked hard and learned the tricks of the trade. It was now his turn to go in business. At the age of 19, he founded Ottawa Brisson Painting in order to offer his expertise to the Ottawa region. The firm is proud to have contributed to the development of the region by its work on more than two thousand five hundred projects since 1984. Ottawa Brisson Painting has completed contracts of all types and offers its services for residential, commercial, or industrial painting.

As President, Estimator and Project Manager, Pierre Brisson is a dynamic man, who delivers guaranteed work and complete customer satisfaction. He invests his own time in every project. He personnalizes each contract and encourages close communication with each client. He estimates conscientiously the cost of all jobs and personnally supervises the work of his employees. He has earned the trust of his clients so that, in most cases, they have become friends that count on him when they have to hire someone for a contract. In an era where everyone is keeping a close eye on expenses, the job has to be given to an entrepreneur who will protect the reputation of his clients by providing a flawless execution of the assignment.

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