Vision : Be the benchmark for painting, wall covering, epoxy coating, water & sandblasting in the Outaouais & Montreal regions.

Mission : Offer our expertise in commercial, industrial and institutional painting and civil engineering so that our customers experience exceeds their expectations & ensures the success of their projects.

Values : The Groupe P.F. Brisson Peinture Inc. team shares a set of values that are the heart and soul of the company:

    ◦ Professionalism : Demonstrate great skill and expertise promoting close cooperation and healthy communication, while acting responsibly in harmony with the environment.

    ◦ Quality of work : Perform its work according to the highest standards of the industry, effectively meeting the expectations of its clients in a safe environment.

    ◦ Integrity : Act at all times with integrity, honesty and ethical, to earn and maintain the trust and respect of all.

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